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63% Of Mobile Video Use Happens At Home

Despite mobile's promise of watching video on the go, a majority of video watching on mobile phones occurs in the home, with over a third happening in a room that has other screens available, according to a new study from the IAB.

Mobile video holds all the promise of watching your favorite shows on the go, but according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 63% of video watching on mobile phones happens at home.

“The IAB Mobile Phone Diaries,” released this week from the organization’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, also found that 36% of that activity occurred in a room where a TV, desktop computer or tablet was also available for viewing purposes.

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The study also found that mobile video usage grows steadily throughout the day, peaking during TV’s primetime hours. Most of those video interactions (22%) were to access content viewers planned to watch, while 18% cited boredom as their impetus, and 3% watched because the phone was the only screen available, IAB said.

Still, the content being accessed on phones was generally shorter fare, with music videos (45%), movie trailers (42%), tutorials and how-to’s (41%) and humorous video shorts (37%) making up the lion’s share of viewing. Humorous shorts (66%) and music videos (52%) was the most likely content to be shared.

The IAB also found that mobile video was also a social activity. Some 92% of mobile viewers share video they have watched on their phone with others.

Video ranked third in time spent for activities on mobile phones, behind games and social media, IAB said.

Brand Connections

The phone also presents another enticing avenue for marketers to reach consumers, with the amount of digital video content and viewers expected to increase. “With the Digital Content NewFronts set for the spring, we’ll certainly see the depth and breadth of original video content that marketers can leverage to reach digital audiences,” Anna Bager, VP and GM of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, said in a statement.

Some 53% of mobile viewers were positive or neutrally receptive to mobile video advertising, according to the study. Another 48% would prefer seeing video ads related to the content they are watching. Ad recall was also high (44%) for mobile users.

The full study can be found here.


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