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UGC App Lets iPhones Live Stream HD Video

WMT Live from Mobile Viewpoint lets users live stream video directly from their iPhones to website or broadcast TV. The app is designed to be used by reporters or non-journalists, making it possible for anyone with an iPhone to contribute news to websites or TV stations.


A Dutch company has just raised the user-generated content stakes in the app world, enabling users to live stream high-definition video directly from their iPhones to either websites or broadcast television.

Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT Live app, released earlier this month after initial beta tests with television stations in Belgium and the Netherlands last fall, lets users stream HD or SD video from iPhone 4, 4S and 5 to a cloud server, which in turn can deliver that content as an SDI or streaming feed.

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The app is free for users, though broadcasters or publishers need the company’s back end hardware, WMT Playout, which outputs to the video SDI. The portable unit runs around $5,000.

Michel Bais, Mobile Viewpoint’s managing director, said the app is meant for both users and journalists to capture and directly stream video from the field. “It makes it possible for anyone to contribute news to your website or your television station,” he said.

Currently, users must register as customers with the app in order to capture and upload recorded content or live stream content. They can then choose to do so under their registered user IDs or anonymously, finding their local participating media outlet within the app.

While the company has only begun to market the app in the U.S. with broadcasters and newspaper publishers, Bais said that it can be white labeled to more directly interface with their digital platforms (and saving users the trouble of searching out the news outlet inside the app). WMT Live can also be built into the back end of an existing news app.

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Among its newsroom-friendly features are geolocation (which must be activated by the user), which plots users’ locations on Google Maps, the automated recording of all video feeds that are uploaded and an ability to talk with users or field reporters through the app via an audio input on the Playout hardware, according to Bais.


Vital stats:


Vendor: Mobile Viewpoint, a subsidiary of Netherlands-based Triple IT

Launched: February 2013

Downloads: N/A

Cost to consumer: Free

Compatible devices: iPhone 4, 4S, 5

White label version: Yes

Revenue streams: For broadcasters or publishers to be able to use content streamed from users via the app, they must purchase Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT Playout back end hardware for approximately $5,000

Key characteristics: A UGC app that enables users to send recorded or live streaming video from their iPhones in either SD or HD format. Also features geolocation and the ability for news producers to talk directly with their UGC providers directly over the app.


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