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Gray TV Projects $5M In Moms Everyday Rev

Gray Television's new Moms Everday app, which expands on the company's four-year-old moms vertical and is already available on 12 of its 31 stations' sites, has the capacity for geo-fencing and may later be syndicated to other companies. The Moms Everyday franchise is expected to generate $5 million in revenue for Gray in 2013, with most of it coming from branded content from marketers.


There’s money in moms. Just ask Gray Television, which launched an app version of its four-year-old moms vertical site last month with high expectations.

“Moms Everyday is going to make $5 million this year,” said Jason Effinger, a regional VP for Gray who also heads up its moms project. Effinger said that sum is also a low estimate; the brand is already up 120% in revenue last year from the previous year.

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With its 32 stations all hosting a localized version of Moms Everyday, Gray has rolled out the app to 12 of its markets so far. Another third of its stations will plug into the app within the next two months in a second iteration.

Moms Everyday features a gamut of family-oriented content familiar to the Web’s momiverse, including tips on finance, health, family getaways and activities and more than a little parenting advice. There’s also a postcard feature that allows the user to snap a picture, integrate it into a postcard template and share it out via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The app updates daily with content from the Moms Everyday sites, carrying over about 50% of what’s on the Web, Effinger said.

Some core content is centrally produced, with a point person at each Gray station who corrals local material complimented by a daily branded broadcast segment (the video doesn’t yet roll into the app, but plans are to include it in future versions).

Brand Connections

Effinger said about 80-100 content providers across the country also add in material, along with additional articles and information from about 900 different organizations and businesses.

Much of that content is advertorial, which is so far the app’s sole means of monetizing. There are plans to broaden those revenue streams, however, with a connection to Gray’s various deals programs built into the app along with the capacity for display and interstitial ads.

Gray also has designs on geofencing for future iterations of the app. Lee Little, founder and CEO of the app’s developer, BarZ Adventures, said the capability has already been built in.

A user who suddenly finds her child injured at his away soccer match might consult the app for the nearest emergency room, for instance, following its turn-by-turn routing function to get there. “The content is tied to a specific location,” Little said, noting that same functionality could tie to listings for local family-friendly restaurants and other services.

With the capacity to hold local content from over 30 different stations, Little said Moms Everyday is the largest app he has built so far. And Gray is entertaining even more expansion, as it is considering franchising the app in markets where it doesn’t own a broadcast station as well.

“In the long term, we’re looking at building something that’s local, ongoing and sustainable that makes mom’s life easier,” Effinger said.

Vital stats:


Vendor: BarZ Adventures Inc.

Launched: January 2013

Downloads: N/A

Cost to consumer: Free

Compatible devices: iPhone, Android

White label version: Gray is considering expanding the app to markets beyond its own stations

Revenue streams: Advertorial content (display ads forthcoming)

Key characteristics: An app iteration of Gray Television’s four-year-old moms vertical site. Content runs the gamut from health and finances to family outings and recipes, localizing based on individual Gray markets. Monetizing through advertorial content, Gray plans to flip a geofencing switch in future iterations.


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