Study: Consumers Respond to Print Ads

A new study from the Newspaper Association of America found that consumers were likely to make a purchase based on information in a print ad. Consumers reported that the used newspaper ads to plan their shopping or obtain coupons. 

Roughly 80% of adults took action in response to a newspaper ad in the past month, according to a new study from the Newspaper Association of America shows.

The research, conducted for the association by Frank N. Magid Associates, measured patterns of behavior in U.S. consumers, including advertising media usage for shopping and purchasing, the role of newspaper media in purchase decisions, the use of preprints and coupons, and online shopping actions. The study -- called “How America Shops and Spends 2013” -- revealed the following:

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  • Newspapers ranked first or tied for first place in seven of 12 benefit statements related to advertising platforms, with the top three being “you check for your regular shopping,” “most valuable in planning shopping” and “most believable and trustworthy.”

  • Print newspapers scored highest at 62% out of 19 advertising sources used by survey participants to plan shopping or make purchasing decisions in the last seven days. When combined with newspaper websites, the net number totaled 66%.

  • Survey participants who self-identified as nonreaders of newspapers nevertheless reported using them. Three of the top five actions from a list of 13 related specifically to advertising: clipping a coupon (16%), checking sales in local stores (16%) and comparing prices for items they intended to purchase (12%.)

  • Just under 90 % of those who used online circulars also took some action as a result of a print newspaper insert in the past 30 days.

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