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NetNewsCheck Signs Off

Look for plenty of our original digital media content on sister site TVNewsCheck as we move away from aggregated content here.   

Today, NetNewsCheck will cease publishing as we at NewsCheckMedia refocus our editorial efforts around original content at our sister site, TVNewsCheck. Our AM newsletter Monday will also be our last.

Some of our recurring content, like the weekly Social Scorecard, will move there, along with a slate of original features and reports we have scheduled throughout the year. Up next on that front is a special report on the state of the content management system industry, where fake news has become an important new dynamic shaping the technology.

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Our daily aggregated content from across the web will end here, but major stories on digital media will still have a home at TVNewsCheck, where we’ll continue to follow the breaking news and trends that shape media leaders’ daily decision-making process.

As NetNewsCheck’s editor for the past five-and-a-half years, it’s been ceaselessly exciting to follow the rapid changes that are forcing the media to radically reinvent itself. I’ll be moving over to TVNewsCheck as well to keep following those changes and look further over the horizon line as audience behaviors and technologies continue to drive media in new directions.

I hope you’ll follow me there. 

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Comments (5) -

Suzy Genet posted a year ago
Have enjoyed the NetNewsCheck very much, thank you. Hope we don't lose any digital content in the transition.
John Schilberg posted a year ago
I would echo Suzy's praise! Thanks for keeping us informed on the "Net" side of things for the past 5 years. I'll look forward to an even richer array of information over at your excellent sister publication. Best wishes to all!
George Buce posted a year ago
Boy, that's a way to start my Monday morning with a kick to the gut! I rely on NetNewsCheck to keep me informed on the print industry - I'm hoping that TVNewsCheck will continue to track the papers and web outlets.
Peter krasilovsky posted a year ago
Michael: Thank you for the great, well curated newsletter...one of the best. I enjoyed contributing to it, and working with you and the team!
MediaTechPro Nickname posted a year ago
Avid everyday reader of both NNC and TVNC. Good work. Good luck. See you on the other side!


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