commentary by Sen. Bernie Sanders & Michael Copps

FCC Rule Change Would Help Big Media


A cornerstone of American democracy is a free and open press providing diverse viewpoints. In America today, however, a trend toward corporate media consolidation is drowning diverse opinions and eliminating local control. In 1983, 90% of the American media was owned by 50 companies. Today, 90% is controlled by just six corporations. And the FCC may be on the verge of making a bad situation worse. It is considering a rule change that would clear the way for even more media consolidation. All Americans should be deeply concerned.

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Ron Stitt Nickname posted over 4 years ago
The news industry is going to consolidate itself anyway, via bankruptcy if not via new rules that might preserve outlets/jobs. These guys apparently live in a world where the internet does not exist, in terms of both disrupting the news industry in ways that demand a lighter regulatory touch to give breathing room to adapt, as well as on the "diversity of voices" front... #clueless


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