Media Ignored Murdoch Bid To Shape Election


The story of Rupert Murdoch's unsuccessful attempt to steer General David Petraeus into running for president in 2012 has been largely ignored by U.S. media outlets. "The tone of the media's reaction was set from the beginning by [The Washington Post's] own tin-eared treatment of this huge story: relegating it, like any other juicy tidbit of inside-the-beltway media gossip," writes Carl Bernstein in The Guardian.

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Ron Stitt Nickname posted over 4 years ago
The writer of this article seems a little unhinged, certainly hysterical. As far as I can tell, Ailes (journalist/news network chief) had an opinion that Petraeus should jump in, and was going to resign if he did. Murdoch (corporate CEO, not journalist) would have been supportive. The "all of us will - " reference is unclear, because we don't know the "who" or "what" - that's pure conjecture. So what exactly is the issue?


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