• Hawaii News Now Dominates Islands’ Social Media

    Raycom's Hawaii News Now, the digital presence that rolls up its CBS, MyNetworkTV and NBC affiliates, is Honolulu's commanding leader on social media according to Shareablee data. Nicole Bento, its digital content director, says Facebook has become essential as the leading platform for its news brand, and Facebook Live is now a key tool there.  More | Add comment
  • Don’t Even Think About Dropping Your User Comments

    Ron Stitt argues that killing user commenting on publishers’ owned-and-operated sites is about the worst move they can make, as it sabotages one of their best means of engagement. That engagement has a big impact on KPIs like low bounce rates and extended time on site, he says.  More | Comments (2)
  • Beacons Maturing Into Viable Sales Strategy

    Beacons are moving away from the experimental phase and into profitable sales strategy deployment. Matthew Davis describes two recent campaigns that showed this maturation in action as location-based marketing led to a dramatic uptick in click-through rates.   More | Add comment
  • WBRC Tops Birmingham’s Social Media Scene

    Raycom’s WBRC is Birmingham, Ala.’s clear leader among local media on social media performance according to Shareablee data. Shannon Maze, its news director, says Facebook is a crucial driver, as 66% of its web and mobile sessions start there. More | Add comment
  • In Shreveport, La., KSLA Rules On Social Media

    Raycom-owned KSLA paces well ahead of its nearest competitor on social media performance among local media outlets, according to data from Shareablee. It boasts almost a million social actions over the last six months and also leads the market in overall fans/followers. More | Add comment
  • Lexington’s WLEX Leads Social Media By A Nose

    It’s a tight race on social media among local outlets in Lexington, Ky., where Cordillera’s WLEX leads the market in overall actions according to Shareablee data. Gray’s WKYT follows close behind, and passes for the lead on total fans/followers. More | Add comment
  • WPRO-AM Leads Providence-New Bedford Social Media

    WPRO, a Cumulus-owned station, holds a commanding lead over its local competition on social media according to data from Shareablee. The talk station boasts both the market’s highest number of social actions in the last six months and the most fans/followers.  More | Add comment
  • We’re All Accountable For Sales

    GateHouse Media’s Jason Taylor is a sales dynamo who has long been inspiring publishers. Here, Mary M. Collins channels some of his recent advice for sales teams from holding daily meetings to ride-alongs, content quizzes and always keeping a commitment to meaningful training.    More | Add comment
  • WPTV Tops On Social in West Palm

    Scripps-owned WPTV laps its closest competitor in terms of total social actions over the last six months according to Shareablee data. Paul Greeley reports that the station has adopted an aggressive Facebook video strategy, using Facebook Live to complement its broadcasts, while major local events like the Orlando shooting underscored the platform's utility.  More | Add comment
  • Papers Must Use Data To Shape Their Monetization Plans

    Troubled newspapers can’t afford a one-size solution to their monetization strategy, Arvid Tchivzhel and Taohang Zhang argue. Rather, the answers lie in their first-party data, which can show them how to maximize total net revenue from both advertising and subscription revenue. More | Add comment
  • Facebook Propels WLBT To Social Leadership

    Raycom-owned WLBT has a commanding lead on social media among its local competitors in Jackson, Miss. according to Shareablee data. Paul Greeley looks at the station’s Facebook playbook, which is helping drive such strong engagement.  More | Comments (1)
  • WCTI Leads Greenville, N.C. Social Media

    Bonten-owned WCTI holds a solid lead on local media competition among its Greenville, N.C. peers on social, according to data from Shareablee over the last six months. Gray’s WITN, meanwhile, captured the highest number of fans/followers on social.    More | Comments (3)
  • K-LOVE Dominates Fort Smith, Ark. Social

    Among local media on social in Fort Smith-Fayetteville, Ark., Christian radio broadcaster K-LOVE rules by orders of magnitude according to Shareablee data. Only Tribune-owned KSFM comes remotely close in terms of total social actions over the last six months.  More | Add comment
  • WTVF Wins Nashville Social Media

    Scripps’ WTVF topped local media in social media actions over the past six months, but it’s in a close race with Meredith-owned WSMV, which bested it in terms of overall fans/followers according to Shareablee data. More | Add comment
  • In Knoxville, Radio Trounces TV On Social

    When it comes to performance on social media among local media outlets, TV and newspapers don’t hold a candle to radio. WIMZ-FM, a classic rock station, annihilates all comers on total social actions according to Shareablee data, while Scripps’ WKHT, better known as Hot 104.5, commands the vast majority of fans/followers. More | Comments (1)
  • ‘Tags Over Titles’ A Key Lesson For Publisher Videos

    Colorado’s Ballantine Communications has been aggressively producing video content for its newspapers. One of the most important takeaways, says CEO Doug Bennett, is that audiences gravitate to the topics they’re interested in far more than navigating a limited and prescribed slate of online “shows.”   More | Add comment
  • How To Build Your Digital-Age Newsroom

    Ron Stitt lays out a modern vision for the local TV newsroom staffed by multi-tasking, highly productive staffers serving up much more relevant, engaging content (and a lot more of it). Getting there, however, involves completely refiguring budgets and personnel, plus the willingness to do so.  More | Comments (1)
  • Video, Pot Show Promise For Denver Post

    Newsroom morale may have sunk with cutbacks and leadership departures at Digital First’s flagship Denver Post, but Reid Wicoff, its digital sales chief, says its struggles are inspiring innovation. Video — via its nascent DPTV effort — has been a boon, he tells NetNewsCheck Editor Michael Depp, and so has its pot vertical, The Cannabist. In an exclusive interview, he says digital now accounts for almost a third of the paper’s overall revenue.  More | Add comment
  • Now On Media’s CMS Checklist: Distributed Publishing, Monetization

    Many media companies are pushing back against monolithic content management systems, opting for a more flexible set of tools and more APIs. In this special report, Angela Misri looks at how integration with distributed publishing platforms, greater mobility and even monetization tools have risen to the top of media’s CMS needs and their providers’ roadmaps.   More | Comments (5)

Special Reports

AppCheck: The Nature Conservancy
Nature Mag App Fishes For New Audience
NetNewsCheck, Apr 2, 2013, 6:35 AM EDT
Nonprofit conservation organization The Nature Conservancy is using its magazine's iPad app to its full advantage, putting its photography center stage, and finding a new audience beyond its 650,000 print circulation. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: BuzzBoard
Sales App For Reps Who Hate Homework
NetNewsCheck, Mar 13, 2013, 7:20 AM EDT
BuzzBoard, a tablet-based sales tool app tailored to media companies offering SMB-targeted digital marketing services, does all the homework for sales reps, evaluating a client's current Web presence and performance and allowing reps to pinpoint digitally needy local businesses. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Moms Everyday
Gray TV Projects $5M In Moms Everyday Rev
NetNewsCheck, Feb 18, 2013, 6:51 AM EST
Gray Television's new Moms Everday app, which expands on the company's four-year-old moms vertical and is already available on 12 of its 31 stations' sites, has the capacity for geo-fencing and may later be syndicated to other companies. The Moms Everyday franchise is expected to generate $5 million in revenue for Gray in 2013, with most of it coming from branded content from marketers. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: WMT Live
UGC App Lets iPhones Live Stream HD Video
NetNewsCheck, Feb 12, 2013, 6:45 AM EST
WMT Live from Mobile Viewpoint lets users live stream video directly from their iPhones to website or broadcast TV. The app is designed to be used by reporters or non-journalists, making it possible for anyone with an iPhone to contribute news to websites or TV stations. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: BurlApp
Vt. Alt Weekly Cashes In On Listings
NetNewsCheck, Dec 18, 2012, 5:47 AM EST
Burlington, Vt., alt weekly Seven Days is making a mobile play to tap into the state's considerable tourist trade with its recently launched BurlApp. The directory app offers listings for restaurants, retail, lodgings, local services, attractions and more. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Perch
App Lets SMBs Track Rivals’ Social Media
NetNewsCheck, Dec 11, 2012, 6:24 AM EST
AppCheck: WTOP
WTOP App Hybridizes With Mobile Web
NetNewsCheck, Nov 13, 2012, 7:08 AM EST
WTOP's relaunched news app, which combines a native app home page with the station's mobile site, streamlines advertising and makes it easier for the newsroom to make changes on the fly. The app has helped boost WTOP's mobile traffic, which now makes up 10% of its total digital traffic. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: Crime in Chicago
Trib App Puts Chicago Crime Data In Context
NetNewsCheck, Nov 6, 2012, 7:34 AM EST
Crime in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune's new desktop app rolled out in September, presents statistics on serious crimes in 77 different Chicago communities in easy to read map and table views that put that data in context for readers. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Crime in Chicago
Trib App Puts Chicago Crime Data In Context
NetNewsCheck, Nov 6, 2012, 6:17 AM EST
Crime in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune's new desktop app rolled out in September, presents statistics on serious crimes in 77 different Chicago communities in easy to read map and table views that put that data in context for readers. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: WRAL for iPad
WRAL Doubles Down On Mobile With App
NetNewsCheck, Oct 23, 2012, 6:24 AM EDT
WRAL's new tablet app is moving away from a text-heavy scrolling interface to a swipeable, visually driven minimalist approach. The company sees the StepLeader-designed app as an important piece of its larger mobile strategy. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Hearst Election 2012
Hearst Gears Up For Election With New App
NetNewsCheck, Sep 18, 2012, 6:51 AM EDT
Hearst takes its award-winning political coverage mobile with a new app that allows users to dig into information about national campaigns and local races. The app also invites engagement with Facebook sharing and user-generated photos and video. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Denver Post for iPad
New Interface Drives Denver Post App Use
NetNewsCheck, Sep 11, 2012, 6:36 AM EDT
Digital First Media's Denver Post is driving app consumption and user engagement with a reimagined interface that focuses heavily on the newspaper's photography and plays on the lean-back nature of tablet computers. The result: users are consuming about 230% more app content. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: The Issue Engine by The Washington Post
WaPo Campaign 2012 App Goes Social
NetNewsCheck, Sep 4, 2012, 6:36 AM EDT
The Washington Post
's new desktop app, The Issue Engine, combines an ever-refreshing guide to coverage of this year's presidential campaign with a feature that boosts engagement by allowing readers to endorse the views of one candidate over another on each issue. Full Story | Add comment
Tool Tracks Competitors' Social Media Metrics
NetNewsCheck, Aug 28, 2012, 6:59 AM EDT
, a new app for desktops, allows publishers to track in real time the social performance of their stories and those of thier competitors on Facebook and Twitter, giving them the opportunity to fine tune their editorial and social media strategies around that data. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Taptu
News Aggregator Lets Users Play DJ
NetNewsCheck, Aug 20, 2012, 6:41 AM EDT
Taptu lets users select from over 200,000 news streams — ranging from coverage of presidential politics to cuddly kittens — and use its mixing board-like interface to "DJ the news." Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Storm Shield
Turning Smartphones Into Weather Radios
NetNewsCheck, Aug 14, 2012, 6:37 AM EDT
Scripps' new Storm Shield app allows users to customize the type and number of severe weather warnings they receive for as many as five locations, essentially turning their smartphones into emergency weather radios. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: Watchup
'Hulu For News' Aggregator Targets Tablets
NetNewsCheck, Aug 6, 2012, 7:37 AM EDT
With an eye to the tablet screen, Knight News Challenge winner Watchup collects news videos — primarily from YouTube — and allows users to select 10 at a time to play sequentially as a custom newscast. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: KTRK Alarm Clock App
ABC App Wakes Up Users To Local News
NetNewsCheck, Jul 30, 2012, 6:50 AM EDT
ABC's new alarm clock app, launched at Houston's KTRK in May and the broadcaster's seven other owned-and-operated stations in June, gives users a morning wake up call and a shot of local news headlines all before they've had their first cup of coffee. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: WPBF Hurricane Tracker
More Maps, Video Enhance Hurricane App
NetNewsCheck, Jul 23, 2012, 6:57 AM EDT
Hearst-owned West Palm Beach, Fla., ABC affiliate WPBF's recently relaunched Hurricane Tracker app delivers the vital information, social media feeds from emergency services and comprehensive mapping users need to stay ahead of South Florida's severe weather. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Men’s Health for iPad
Fitness Mag Pushes Digital Stretch
NetNewsCheck, Jul 17, 2012, 6:48 AM EDT
The Men's Health iPad app, with enhanced content from the magazine, interactive features and video, offers a glimpse at how magazines have begun to reimagine themselves on the tablet. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: SnipSnap
Coupon Clipping App Creates Digital Wallet
NetNewsCheck, Jun 25, 2012, 6:45 AM EDT
With SnipSnap, users can make digital versions of their paper coupons using the cameras in their mobile phones and share those coupons with any of the app's 130,000-plus users, making it a virtual coupon klatsch. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: PressReader
Around The World In 2,300 Papers, Jun 4, 2012, 6:24 AM EDT
PressReader draws on newspapers from around the world to deliver content to users, and the arrangement benefits all involved: Readers sign up for a paid subscription to the app to get the news they crave, and publishers receive fixed royalties from PressReader. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: KMOV
KMOV App Upgrade Keeps Users In Mind
NetNewsCheck, May 22, 2012, 6:34 AM EDT
Belo-owned TV station KMOV in St. Louis has taken the advice of its audience and is rolling out the latest version of its core news app — one of 17 apps in the station's roster — with a reorganized interface and flow geared toward user friendliness. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Sales Toolkit
Sales App Streamlines Path To Profit
NetNewsCheck, May 15, 2012, 6:27 AM EDT
Newspaper and radio company Greater Media is putting the iPad to good use, with an app created specifically for its sales team that helps reps cut down on paperwork and boost their time in the field. The app also could stand as an example for other media companies looking to streamline their sales efforts. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: CrowdCloud
Crowdsourcing App Filters, Fences Tweets
NetNewsCheck, May 8, 2012, 6:50 AM EDT
CrowdCloud, launched in beta in late February as an app and Web widget, pulls in crowdsourced, geofenced content primarily through Twitter, to help local media outlets harness social media's real-time news power and filter out the white noise. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Audio Roadshow
CBS Local Sports App Targets On-Air Traffic
NetNewsCheck, May 1, 2012, 6:40 AM EDT
CBS Local's Audio Roadshow app links listeners of New York's WFAN directly to its popular daily sports talk show hosted by Mike Francesa, allowing them to respond to polls and leave soundbites for the show. CBS Local also eyes the app as a potential source of revenue and is plans to eventually add sponsorships or display ads into the mix. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: NewsiT and Stringfly
UGC Apps Push Monetization, Chaos Control
NetNewsCheck, Apr 17, 2012, 6:40 AM EDT
Two companies, NewsiT and Stringfly, have released apps that help newsdesks gain control over the chaos of user-generated content with incentive-based models and give media sales forces a new revenue stream. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: Travel Kentucky
Travel Kentucky App Sparks Revenue Blaze
NetNewsCheck, Mar 27, 2012, 7:13 AM EDT
Kentucky Monthly
's Travel Kentucky app may cover the whole state, but its appeal to local businesses has helped drive advertising sales — with packages including banner ads or video and social social media — and paid listings, making the app a  revenue generator. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Augusta Golf
App Puts Local Spin On Masters Golf
NetNewsCheck, Mar 20, 2012, 6:26 AM EDT

Georgia’s Augusta Chronicle is giving a hometowm spin to coverage of the golf world’s biggest tournament — The Masters. Its Augusta Golf app let’s the local newspaper edge in on a national playing field dominated by big guns such as ESPN and the PGA. Full Story | Comments (1)

AppCheck: Texas Monthly BBQ Finder
Geolocating App Taps Lone Star BBQ Loyalty
NetNewsCheck, Mar 13, 2012, 6:43 AM EDT
Statewide magazine Texas Monthly skipped obvious attention getters such as traffic, weather and local news when it rolled out its first app, opting instead for another popular topic: food. But the magazine didn't just create a restaurant guide, it targeted a very specific niche, tapping into Texans love for their famous barbecue. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Washington Post Social Reader
WashPo App Nets Younger Demo Inside FB
NetNewsCheck, Mar 6, 2012, 6:37 AM EST
The Washington Post’s new Social Reader Facebook is an experiment in building a new type of engagement, and while it isn’t being monetized, it is paying off with Internal metrics track every nuance of user behavior and deliver loads of reader data. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Cocktail Compass
Happy Hour App Pours A Round Of Revenue
NetNewsCheck, Feb 14, 2012, 6:43 AM EST
The Portland Mercury's Cocktail Compass barfinder app is not only helping users find nearby watering holes and drink specials but it's also helping the alt weekly use its extensive trove of bar listings to generate new revenue streams. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Chicago Sun-Times
App Aims To Corner Second City News
NetNewsCheck, Feb 7, 2012, 6:45 AM EST
In Chicago, daily newspaper the Sun-Times is making its mobile push with a content-heavy smartphone and tablet app powered by Inergize Digital's News Synergy. The app currently draws its revenue through exclusive sponsorship deals, but geotargeted display ads and deals could be on the horizon. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Catalist
Twitter-Centric Ky Cager App Gets In Game
NetNewsCheck, Jan 24, 2012, 7:10 AM EST
In Kentucky, college basketball is king and the University of Kentucky Wildcats are an obsession. Into that environment steps a new narrowly focused free app from Schurz Communications: Catalist, which montors Twitter for all things Wildcats, gathering tweets from players, coaches and even recruits. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: Meporter
Enhanced UGC App Plays Up Mobile, Location
NetNewsCheck, Jan 17, 2012, 6:38 AM EST
Last year, Andy Leff turned a five-year-old hunch about user-generated content into Meporter. The app allows users to turn their phones into all the tools they need to create and publish news stories. Meporter also allows citizen journalists to use their phone's geolocation features to pinpoint where they are reporting from. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: KHOU for iPad
Social Embed Makes Houston News Stickier
NetNewsCheck, Jan 10, 2012, 6:47 AM EST
Belo's KHOU in Houston has embedded Facebook and Twitter features into its iPad news app, giving users a full mobile social media experience and enticing them to stay with the app much longer than the average three-minute visit. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Hearst Newspapers
IPad Apps Make Room For Content, Visuals
NetNewsCheck, Jan 3, 2012, 6:20 AM EST
Hearst Newspapers, looking for a head start in the app world, has launched subscription-based iPad apps for its four major dailies — the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News and the Albany (N.Y.) Times-Union — built on company-created architecture that takes advantage of the Apple tablet's capacity for visuals and room for expanded content. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: News360
App Mines Social Sites To Customize News
NetNewsCheck, Dec 20, 2011, 6:52 AM EST
News360's free app mines users' Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts to customize a news feed that's catered to their tastes. The company is eyeing an ad share plan with content providers as a potential revenue stream. Full Story | Add comment
Photos Go Social With Geotargeted Trover
NetNewsCheck, Dec 13, 2011, 6:44 AM EST
A free app for iPhone, Android and desktop uses geotargeting to let users share photos of places they come across in their travels and use other's images to explore neighborhoods. Trover also could be a potential platform for location-based deals. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: WRAL
WRAL App Wins With Simplicity, Interactivity
NetNewsCheck, Dec 6, 2011, 6:45 AM EST
Users of WRAL-TV (Raleigh, N.C.) pioneering news app can check the news, weather and sports, as well as submit photos, video and email. They can even click to call the newsroom with tips. The station, which launched its first app with Sprint in 2004 and its first iPhone app in 2008, recently added a premium option for its popular 'Behind Bars' vertical. Key to the app's success, WRAL says, is a simple interface and lots of interactivity. Full Story | Add comment
AppCheck: Hopstop
Tailored Routes, Geotracking Power Map App
NetNewsCheck, Nov 29, 2011, 7:05 AM EST
The two-year-old Hopstop, a free app that uses geotracking and data from nearly 500 transit agencies to help users find pedestrian and public transportation routes to navigate city streets, has built its revenue model on geotargeted display ads, coupons and deals. Full Story | Comments (1)
AppCheck: The Weather Channel
App Makes Weather More Visual, Social
NetNewsCheck, Nov 22, 2011, 8:46 AM EST
The Weather Channel is pushing the envelope with its new app, which uses geolocation to deliver up-to-date forecasts to users wherever they happen to be. The app also holds lessons for local stations looking to expand their weather franchises. Full Story | Add comment

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